Giving Back

ORP-blackerLogo4“We believe that while no one can do everything, everyone can do something.”

Since early 2014, Heavy Seas has partnered with the Ocean Research Project (ORP), founded in 2012 by Matt Rutherford, the first person in history to complete a non-stop, single-handed, sailing voyage around North and South America. 

Ocean Research Project is committed to collecting valuable marine data from some of the most remote regions of our planet while under sail. The results of the collected data are used to help educate people about marine issues and the importance of preserving our Earth’s oceans. ORP is our charitable focus for 2014, and we will consequently dedicate a majority of our limited charitable resources to their behalf. 

On July 2nd, world explorer and ORP founder Matt Rutherford, along with marine scientist and sailor Nicole Trenholm, completed a 63-day sail covering 6,850 miles from San Francisco, California to Yokohama, Japan, surveying plastic pollution levels in the ocean. The results from this excursion have further revealed the importance of waste management on land to help prevent excessive micro-plastic pollution in our oceans. 

Upcoming ORP Projects: Chesapeake Bay-wide Biotelemetry 

Starting August 4th, the Ocean Research Project team will conduct a 21+ day, 300 nautical mile survey of the data gaps of the Chesapeake Bay searching for the tagged marine biodiversity. The focus will be on the overabundance of cownose rays in the Bay.

For more information about Ocean Research Project, CLICK HERE.

501c3 Non-profit Organizations

Heavy Seas is dedicated to helping non-profits as best as we can. However, we believe we can achieve greater overall impact by supporting a smaller number of groups in more substantial ways, while focusing on groups that are closely aligned with our brand’s core principles and character.

Here are the characteristics for the kinds of 501c3 non-profits we will consider supporting:

–  Aligned with outdoor exploration & adventure, especially in conjunction with the sea – as well as organizations associated with keeping water bodies healthy
–  Centered in our current key east coast markets
–  Oriented toward a younger demographic (optimally 21-35 year olds)
–  Opportunities where we are the sole beer provider
–  Opportunities where our contribution can be leveraged to raise more money than just the value of the beer contributed
–  Events and causes which may involve one or more key retail accounts

Please read the following important guidelines before submitting your donation request:

Since we allocate contributions quarterly, please submit your request for beer donations at least 90 days in advance.

Beer delivery is something that we cannot legally offer.  In the case of draft beer, you must buy the product from our distributor (requiring at least a temporary liquor license) and we will reimburse the 501c3 for your purchase, less the distributor’s mark up. 

For donations of VIP Brewery Tour passes, Raffle/Silent Auction prizes, and other items, please submit your request at least 30 days in advance.

We will get back to everyone who fills out the form below with a decision within a reasonable period of time (generally at most 2 weeks). If you do not hear back from us within this period, please re-contact us with a short email (no need to fill out the whole form again).

Thank you for your request, and the important work your organization does!

Sponsorship Application Form

  • (if applicable)
  • Please indicate your best estimate of the attendance for this event and describe the expected demographic.
  • What are you requesting? Please be specific (i.e. five cases of beer, T-shirts, etc.)
  • Please list any important deadlines.
  • If you are able to offer any in kind trade -- for example, our logo on your website or event flyers -- please list it here.
  • If you have any other confirmed sponsors please list them here.
  • If there is any additional information regarding your request that you feel would be relevant, please include it here.