Beware the Ides of March

“Beware the Ides of March” — or some such sentiment.  I have always had a problem with that.  Mid March for me has always been pretty positive.

Since I started in the beer business in 1989, I have always thought of March 17 as the official “opening day” for beer season.  The daffodils pop up, crocuses croak, I dig out my smoker and fire up some brisket, and – as the days begin to get longer and slightly warmer – beer drinking seems to be even more appropriate than ever.  And of course this has nothing to do with the grand and glorious day celebrating our universal Irish heritage!

This is also the season of both March Madness and the start of baseball and lacrosse.  While I admit I’m not much of a basketball fan, I have always enjoyed March Madness for the sheer athleticism demonstrated by the college players.  You have to respect that they are leaving 100% on the court – nothing is held back – and the games are consistently exciting.

The return of big league baseball (I’ve always been a huge Baltimore Orioles fan – even when it was painful) is certainly a rite of spring, and so is the return of lacrosse.  And while beer drinking at lacrosse games was never a big deal, beer and baseball are certainly great mutual past times.

So I have never completely figured out why I am supposed to “beware the ides of March.”  I guess if your name is Caesar things can get a little dicey, but for the rest of us I say bring it on – Beer Season has officially begun!  AARGH!